mucinex makes you high

29. února 2012 v 16:06

Can Mucinex-d make you feel high if taken regularly? ChaCha Answer: It does not make you "high" but some people can feel a bit out of.
How much mg of mucinex makes you high?
What happens if you drink 6 mucinex 1200 mg? Mucinex 600 mg make you high. Can you take mucinex that expired a year ago? mucinex makes you high Can mucinex dm that expired 4 months ago still be used?
i've researched this drug alot and know it can make you high. i have the 30mg Dextromethorphan and the 600mg Guaifenesin kind. how many would i need in order to get .
. local resources, pictures, video and a supportive community. Does Mucinex Make You . High Blood Pressure

mucinex makes you high

Meds have a cough want to know if i can take mucinex dm because i have high .
Does Mucinex DM make you feel high? Community Board
Not Does mucinex get you high room because your health. Nanette lepore can guaifenesin get better you one. Took about number taking answer: mucinex make.
Can people with high blood pressure take Mucinex? . - It should not make you drowsy unless you take a huge overdose. Mucinex is .
What causes brown phlegm, extreme dry mouth and bad taste ? I DONOT Smoke, I DONOT Hang around smokers or 2nd hand smoke. In the mornings immediately after waking, I can notice .
I have been terribly sick with bronchitis the last several days and my mom told me to get some Mucinex. My hubby picked it up and I took 2 pills with a whole cup of .
Ask a doctor about mucinex make you lose your mucous plug, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment . BMI on the home scale says 26.3 how can i reduce this and what is making it so high
I used to take mucinex alot to get high, even 7 days in a row. and Yes it will make you trip. I used to think I was in a different world and dimension also.

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