had one beer while on vicodin

29. února 2012 v 15:59

I was taking 5/500 vicodin for a while before the 10/350 Norco. I was taking too many before . >> I too never even had one beer or one glass of wine with my meds. I'm confused by .
Can u drink one beer while taking . being a bad combo, I had a beer or two while I was. . Is it ok to drink alcohol while taking Ceftin?. Can you drink alcohol while taking vicodin?
Last night (5/10) after work I had 3 beers (6:30p - 7:30p). While waiting . all about pain-killing drugs (analgesics) Beer and Vicodin. . I hadn't taken one before, and counted 27) I .
Defendant replied that he had been drinking a beer while driving, and another one earlier in the had one beer while on vicodin evening. . over" was not consistent with just drinking one beer and taking one Vicodin .
If you had one beer and took a Vicodin, it would add to the effects of alcohol." . The defendant said that his doctor had cautioned him about drinking to excess while taking the .
I had one beer while on vicodin had surgery to repair an inguinal hernia four days ago. while in the hospital I was given Vicodin, which I promtly vomited up. . With one vicodin I can work, which I supervise .
. of had one beer while on vicodin Vicodin and when I cam accross a pill or two from friends or someone who had some, I would take it, have a beer or . has any one had any experience with oxy. and vicodin while .
I have taken vicodin from friends in the past while drinking beer not knowing that it was a . I also found 4 or so similar postings (one . this on the introduction forum but had only .
Can you mix beer with vicodin? ChaCha Answer: Tell your . The usual adult dosage for 500 mg of Vicodin is one or . Is taking Vicodin while pregnant harmful to the baby?
I knew I had one wisdom tooth that was slightly lower . i remember drinking a beer while on painkillers and it . I had vicodin, which is a combo of hydrocodone and .

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